Animations are the bridge between visual design and film. It can explain the things that cannot be written, it can convey the feelings and moods of a brand that cannot be filmed.

Selected projects


I was asked by the agency EverWorks to create a branded animation for their client Immuneed that could explain and illustrates Immuneeds unique way of doing blood analysis.


Agency Everworks
Art Direction Andreas Carlsson
3D Daniel Law
Brand colors
Early concept sketches
Storyboard draft for approval from client


Chicago-based agency Nansen asked me to collaborate with them on creating a teaser animation for French luxury goods Cartier's upcoming launch of “the Hub”.

The Hub is Cartiers’ innovation platform on which their staff and offices all over the world can share and collaborate on innovation projects. The Hub was launched at their world conference in Marrakesh, Morocco in July 2022.


Agency Nansen
Project Manager Arnold Macauley
Art Direction & animation Andreas Carlsson
Visual direction for the set: matt fabrics, paper, straight angles, top down, short shadows, no surroundings
Initial storyboard sketches
Copy and pacing added to the storyboard

When Swedish streaming startup Doors launched they asked me and fellow designer Mattias Oliveira to develop their brand and visuals.

It resulted in a variety of animations and graphics used in investor pitch decks, brand animations, tutorial videos, and much more.


Project Manager Mattias Oliveira
Art Direction Andreas Carlsson
3D Daniel Law
Marcus Gustafsson
Brand and instructional animations on the launch site.
Revenue breakdown Keynote slide
Audience rating Keynote slide
Total Market Value Keynote slide
Explanatory video of the Doors service


A Prezi-presenattion for nonlinear sales meetings.

Each of Almroths clients has individual logistic needs, so to help Almroths make the clients see differances and easier explain what options are available we modelled and animated their whole logistics center, including flows and maschinery.

This way each meeting has a natural overview and starting point and its dead easy to dive in to Returns, indound- and outbound flows to explain to the client how to best optimize their location, goodshandling and deliveries.


Art Direction Andreas Carlsson
3D Pelle Geivald
Final Prezi-presentation
Detailed animation to illustrate packaging and storage automations.