The beauty of logistics

Almroths powers e-commerce. Logistics, servicing, warehousing and transport. Despite this enormous role they had an unassuming brand and an anonymous online presence.

To change this we wanted to add personality and character to their very technical offering, and bring recognition of and for what they actually do.

When one enters an Almroths warehouse one sees staff and the calm yellowish colour of cardboard everywhere. I choose to embrace both.

Launch videos

When a new client moves in to a Almroths warehouse we create a short teaser clip and a film announcing the new tenant. We usually post them a day or two prior to the official announcement.

This is what it looked like when Swedish headphone, audio, and speaker company Urbanista moved in.

The F-13 airfield

Large scale, heavy weight, enormous scale. For two months I piloted my drones over a former airforce base to document the construction of a custom warehouse for steel company SSAB. The location was chosen as it was one of very few places that could hold the sheer weight of hundreds of eight ton steel coils.

Behind the Scenes

Roles and deliverables

Getting an understating of the constant activity at Almroths, and structuring it in to short form communication, initially felt a bit overwhelming. Key to resolving it was making sure we approached the complexity of installing machinery, constructing and refactoring warehouses, and optimising logistic flows through the people at Almroths who had mastered this work. Them and all that cardboard.

These days (after our initial collaboration I moved to working with the client on a retainer basis) we run a quarterly editorial content calendar. This helps us prepare, ideate and choose which stories to tell based on how the business evolves.

Almroths' external channels are mainly Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. The films get adapted for press kits, we also do live streams, support the company's internal comms and publish on

  • Director of Photography
  • Photography
  • Visual design
  • Interviews
  • Sound and audio editing
  • Music curation
  • Editing
  • Colour grading