Restaurang Jord


Restaurang Jord

Foraging, hunting, cooking and competing

As a dining guest at a restaurant you rarely get to learn about the thinking behind the dishes you enjoy, or see the work that goes in to them. Working with Andreas, Sebbe, John, and Oskar I set out to tell the this story. 'Cos if you see you understand, and if you understand you value and appreciate.

The interiors at restaurant Jord are earthy: Green, birch, leather, brass, and charcoal. I decided to colour grade the videos with that palette, to capture the same earthy ("jord" is Swedish for both earth and soil) feeling.

The music and editing reflect the way Jord functions; slow and calm. It can take the chefs months or years to finish fermenting koji, charcuteries, and liqueurs. There is no stress at Jord. Corners are not cut, compromises are not made.

The films I produce for them are made in the same way. Production on a short film can take months. Opportunities to capture the right footage are sporadic. Once we have the material we need however, the turnaround is quick.

Årets kock — mini documentary

In 2021 Jord’s Sous Chef John Persson was shortlisted for Swedens' most influential culinary award – Årets Kock (Chef of the Year). Leading up to the competition I followed Johan as he prepared. We spoke about cooking of course and also his own origins and journey.

The end result: A three-part mini-documentary.

Behind the Scenes

Roles and deliverables

With Jord it's almost impossible to plan ahead. That’s why I'm ready to go at a moments notice; gear packed and batteries charged. A text message will arrive any time day or night with coordinates to a spot deep in the forest where a few hours later we’ll be foraging or hunting.

The material is captured over longer periods of time and loosely based around themes. Like charcuteries, hunting, and fermentation, rather than scripted in great detail and shot sequentially.

  • Director of Photography
  • Interviews
  • Sound and audio editing
  • Music curation
  • Editing
  • Colour grading