Nothing drives a story forward as a voice. That's why a lot of my projects rely on interviews.

Head chef Oskar on the idéa a concept behind Restaurang Jord and Pukhult. ClientJord
A series of interviews about walking as a Pilgrim ClientChurch of Sweden
Freediver Roger about his perforemance in the Swedish championships ClientSelf
Josefine, Johan and Emanuel talking about promoting wild boar as delicacy meat. ClientVildsvinsfestivalen
Interview with Ryde test rider Nathalie ClientRyde Equestrian
Interview with Ryde test rider Nathalie ClientRyde Equestrian
Guests at the opening day of the Harbour of Norrköping ClientNorrköpings Hamn
Anna-Karin talking about Pilgrimage. ClientChurch of Sweden

Prepare, prepare and prepare more!

There is a flow, mood and energy in a conversation, you follow the script, you improvise, a brief saying can open up totally new topics. All of this can't be recreated if something goes wrong.


A pre written script can not be underestimated. I’ll help you research and write the script if needed.

Location scounting

Location, audio and lighting conditions are super important for the final look and feel. Therefore I always scout and test the location before the actual shoot takes place.

Rigged or run-n-gun?

Sometimes the subject sits in an controlled set, sometimes they are on the run. I always kit them with appropriate mics to get prime audio and an as natural conversation as possible.

Dual cameras

I always film interviews with two cameras. That way I can make jump-cuts in the edit and get a tight and seamless dialog in the end.